Valentine’s 2017 by Colors by Llarowe

The Valentine’s 2017 Collection from Colors by Llarowe is a gorgeous six piece set with a mix of holographic, multi-chrome flakies, and shimmery polishes that will get your heart in the mood for a day of love. This is sold out at the moment however later this week Leah Ann is preparing to do a re-stock it has been delayed a bit due to needing more pigment for certain colors to come in. She is posting continual updates in the Colors by Llarowe Devotees group on Facebook, an awesome group if you love Colors by Llarowe as much as I do.

Each of the swatches shown is two thinĀ coats of polish and one top coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

“Who Needs Love?”

“Who Needs Love?” is a deep purple linear holographic that has a kind of blue shift to it under bright lights. This is my absolute favorite color of the entire set it is just too gorgeous and it shimmers so amazingly in the sun I can’t help but be in love with it. I also ended up getting this all over my cuticles while swatching it as well and it didn’t stain like I expected it to and like some colors have in the past.

“Hearts on Fire”

“Hearts on Fire” is a beautiful burgundy linear holographic with a hint of purple shift throughout, it is an absolute stunner. This color stained my nails when using it for nail art, but did not stain my cuticles while swatching it. Although after using cuticle remover on the nails, the stain was gone.

“That Little Green Monster”

“That Little Green Monster” is a deep green linear holographic with a bit of a beautiful almost sky blue shift to it. This definitely lives up to it’s name and every time I think of it or see it I think of the seven deadly sins and of envy this is definitely going to have to be used for some nail art soon I love it.

“You Sexy Thing”

“You Sexy Thing” is a deep plum crelly with a kind of shimmer of pink throughout it. This color is so gorgeous and versatile. It shimmers amazingly, however it dries a bit matte so while the first three of the collection could possibly be worn with no top coat, this one needs it to really shine.

“It’s A Gift”

“It’s A Gift” is a deep purple base with a ton of this shifting glitter flakies throughout it that make it absolutely mesmerizing and insanely distracting when it is on your nails. I love the shift throughout and while I’m not big on multi-chromes flakies, this one is definitely beautiful.

“Let’s Get Freaky”

“Let’s Get Freaky” is a kind of blueish purple creme with a pink shimmer to it. This was the only polish in the bunch that definitely needed two coats the others went on pretty well in only one and if you watched my live swatch video you could see they weren’t too sheer. This polish was a miss for me just because it’s not a color I’d wear, but was still great formula and color wise.

Overall the entire collection is gorgeous. All of the colors go on smoothly and a majority of them will cover in one coat, I do even on the ones that dry with a more glossy finish still recommend a glossy top coat however, because it really does make the polishes really pop. As stated above these are currently out of stock, however Leah Ann has finished shipping out all of the pre-orders from the original pre-order period and the initial sales and is planning on whipping up more. She did run out of pigment for a couple at one point and had to wait for that to come in to finish filling those. But she is trying to get a restock in as soon as possible so just keep an eye on the site as well as the Colors by Llarowe Devotees Facebook group.