The Secret Garden Collection by Fleur de Lis Polish

The Secret Garden Collection from Fleur de Lis Polish is a gorgeous set of five dreamy pastel holographics. I’m not normally big on pastels, but you know if you read this blog, watch my videos, or follow me on Instagram that I absolutely love holographic, shimmers, and glitters. So I decided to give these a try despite their pasteliness, and am in loooooove with them. They are all absolutely gorgeous and have these beautiful shifts of colors in bright lights as well as the gorgeous holographic microglitter throughout. I definitely recommend snagging this set while supplies on it last, especially if your a holo lover, or into unique pastels.

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one top coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

 “Velvet Petals”

“Velvet Petals” is almost an indescribable shade, it is a kind of burnt pink and orange mix at first glance, and has this gorgeous pearlescent blue shimmer in direct light. It’s also just filled to the tip with holographic microglitter which gives it an extra gorgeous shine. The first photo is shown in bright direct sunlight bulbs, and the second in generic regular lighting.

“Fairy Wings”

“Fairy Wings” is a shimmering purple pastel with an iridescent silver sheen to it in direct light, also filled with holographic microglitter. It is stunning, this is my favorite of the entire collection – yes it might be because of my bias towards purple, but it’s still pretty. The first photo is in direct sunlight bulbs which really seems to wash out the color, but the second is in regular light and as you can see the stunning silver sheen shows up amazingly in both.

“Wishing Well”

“Wishing Well” is a gorgeous pastel blue holographic with a dazzling silver shimmer, this was almost a one coater but dries very sheer so definitely takes two coats. The first image is in direct sunlight bulbs, the second in natural light. This polish was a bit different than the first two in the direct bulb exposure didn’t make it shimmer the way indirect light did, but it did bring out the holo beautifully.


“Dewdrop” is not green, not blue, but more of what I like to call an aquamarine or seafoam color. This is a beautiful holographic as well with a beautiful shimmer that seems almost silver with a hint of gold in direct sunlight. As with the other images the first one is direct sunlight and the second one is generic lighting. I’m not a big fan of green, so kind of questioned whether I would like this or not, but I actually do and am already planning some nail art with it.


“Songbird” is an absolutely stunning sunny yellow holographic that looks gorgeous in absolutely any light. Fair warning though, this polish has what I call “deceptive bottle syndrome” in the bottle for me it looks almost lime green, however on the nail it is definitely gorgeous and bright yellow. This did take three coats to be completely opaque, however for some people it might only take two. I have brighter/more stained nails most the time and that probably attributed to it needing that third coat.

Overall this entire collection is gorgeous as hell, I’m not even a fan of pastels and I absolutely love all of these. I’m already planning so many designs to do with them in my head and love the way they all go together so well and compliment one another. I see a lot of gorgeous spring manicures in my future! I definitely recommend picking them up, Alex is an awesome maker and I’ve loved all of her polishes I’ve tried so far. They have a great formula, they go on well and smoothly, and she is an awesome person in general.

Recently my nail polish shelf met an untimely fate, and upon finding out a custom she had made me earlier had been broken she hunted up the swatch and made it over again entirely and shipped it to me. Which was definitely above and beyond and something that wasn’t necessary at all, I really appreciated it and it was definitely a positive from a really crappy experience.