Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I get questions, sometimes on repeat, for those consult the answers here. If you’re wondering something that is not listed here then feel free to send me an email at 

Last Updated: June 8, 2018

Q: Why do you swatch so weird?

A: I don’t! I swear, in the videos I swatch and leave space from the cuticle as well as the sides of the nail around the cuticle to keep from getting polish on my skin and possibly staining it which would ruin subsequent swatches in both the videos and the images.

Q: Why do you swatch only one nail in your videos?

A: So that you can really see an up close look at the polish and the glitter or flakies within it. Doing the one nail gives a good up close macro view of the polish and any changes under the light as well as any shifting in colors that you might overlook from a further off view of multiple nails at once.

Q: Why are your nails so weird?

A: I’m an alien! Not really, my nails all have different curves on both my hands, I’m so blessed with these mutant things. My pinky and thumb have a serious C curve, while my other nails have a much less defined curve. It looks weird when I’m letting them grow out and I have to file the sides of the nails to keep them squared off correctly, so if they look horribly weird it’s because I’m leaving them to grow out at the moment then am going to fix them. In addition to this the pointer nail on both my right and left hand grows out at an angle, if I straighten my fingers you can see how it grows slightly to one side rather than straight out. Medically nothing is wrong to cause this, it just happens, everyone’s nails grow differently.

Q: Why are your nails so short?

A: They have to be – sort of. I work primarily in pediatrics so I need shorter nails to be able to do tasks with the kids where long nails wouldn’t be an issue with adults. So unless I’m on vacation, or have taken time off recently I keep my nails around the same short to mid length and don’t allow much growth.

Q: You used this polish, but it’s not listed in your stash list, is that up to date?

A: Probably not, I try to keep it as updated as possible at any time, but the reality of the situation is if I’ve bought a bunch of collections as I have recently then I won’t put them all in at once. I generally update it as soon as a polish arrives, and before any holidays such as Christmas so that my family know what I have since they usually go in for polish as presents.

Q: Where is your polish shelf/helmer, why do we never see it?

A: I have my shelves in another room, they are kept in my bedroom not my work area, because it is completely sun proofed from when I used to work nights. It’s also kept cooler than the rest of the house which ensures the life of my polishes and keeps them all in better condition longer especially the thermals and any gels I may acquire.

Q: Why do you use Seche Vite, don’t you know it shrinks the polish?

A: I don’t anymore, I used to so in some of my earlier swatch videos and blog posts you’ll see it mentioned. I used to use it because it dried everything quickly and allowed me to keep using my peel off base coat, but I found a better one that does the same thing and doesn’t shrink. So now for everything manis, sawatching, etc. I use Get Your Shine On! High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat from Vapid Lacquer.

Q: How long does it take to make your videos?

A: Anywhere from 3 to 10 or more hours it depends on the type of video. For swatch videos it depends on the number of polishes in the collection, the type of polishes, whether I can get pictures of the polishes post video swatch or need to do it separately, etc. For nail tutorials it usually takes about 3 to 5 due to not just time to shoot the video and stock footage, but also to edit the video, add in a voice over, etc. Overall it’s time consuming and when a blog post is going to correspond with the video as well it is even more work and time. But I love doing it and have fun with it, it is something great to do that gets me away from the stress associated with my field of work, and anything else that may be going on in my life.

Q: Why are there only blog posts on swatches and tricks not nail art tutorials?

A: Because I said so, not really. You can find all of my nail art tutorials as well as random fun things in the links on the sidebar. I don’t do individual blog posts on them because I would rather make a video and give the information and visual that way than write it all out each time. Whereas on swatches or hacks a blog post can be more beneficial for some people than just a visual of it, or they like the still images better than live swatches.

Q: What do you use to shoot your videos?

A: I use a kind of generic set up I have a high quality camera a Nikon D5300 DSLR, with a Nikon AF-S DX Micro Nikkor 85mm lens, a MeFOTO Aluminum Tripod (in purple), and two 26″ Adjustable Desk Lamps from Lowe’s that have Ottlite bulbs in them. For any of my vlog like videos or shots including my face I also use a Canon G7X Mark II which is also a pricey camera, but allows me to have the same high quality video as with my nail shots with a smaller, more mobile camera. All of this is not cheap and the majority of it was bought just for this as I used a different DSLR for general photography and different lenses, but you don’t need all of it to make videos any point and shoot camera can do it as well. For backdrops I just use poster boards in various colors and designs as well as different glitter or holo paper usually laid under a piece of glass to make sure my hands aren’t covered in glitter when I’m done.