Disclosure Policy

This policy was last edited on: November 13, 2016

General Information and all affiliated social media accounts are maintained by me (Crystal), and all opinions and views expressed therein are my own.

Press Samples & Product Reviews

Seriously Lacqueing (Crystal) accepts products for review from brands as well as public relations officers for brands, to be reviewed in either a blog or vlog format and posted publicly for consumers. Before mailing products for review whether initially or as a repeat brand please contact Crystal first via email at to confirm and discuss the product and how it will be reviewed and featured. All products received are deemed gifts/samples for review and do not constitute a contract between Seriously Lacqueing (Crystal) and the brand, and are not deemed compensation for the review. All products should be brand new, never opened, originally sealed products and if for any reason a review on the items is no longer needed all items will be considered gifts/samples at that time and held from full usage until their original release date plus five days. All reviews will be impartial and honest in nature, however if there are issues with the product preventing it from being given a fair review the brand/representative will be contacted beforehand and apprised of any issues. Any samples reviewed will be denoted by a note within the blog or vlog stating that the product was received for review, where it was received from, and that no compensation has been provided for the review. This in no way influences the review of the products, all reviews will be open and honest about the product and its performance.

Sponsored & Compensated Materials

On some occasions sponsored content will appear on this blog and the correlating vlog on YouTube, these mean that some kind of monetary compensation has or is being made towards Seriously Lacqueing (Crystal) from the brand for these posts. This comes from a monetary compensation or product compensation. These items will in no way influence in the review of the product or its performance.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links provided by Seriously Lacqueing (Crystal) provide a percentage of monetary compensation when items are purchased from those links or using given affiliate codes in certain stores.


All content including images, videos, and reviews published on Seriously Lacqueing are the sole property of Seriously Lacqueing (Crystal) unless a collaborative or alternative ownership agreement was expressly established between one or more participants. The unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting, transmitting, or duplication of any content found on or related social media accounts is prohibited without express permission of


I love to swatch and review polishes, products, nail care items, vinyls, etc. and often buy the items myself and review them if I like them anyways, so if you want me to review yours then just shoot me an email!