B004 Seductive Lace from What’s Up Nails

The B004 Seductive Lace Stamping Plate from What’s Up Nails is one of my favorites they have ever made, mainly because I am in love with lace patterns of any kind and these are so gorgeous it’s not even funny. So I decided to try something a little new for my blog today and kind of swatch all the images on it, if people really seem to like these then I may do some videos swatching pates, but at this time it’s just going to be a blog post. Each of the images below shows a macro of one of the images from the plate and has the polish used as the base listed.

For the actual stamping I’m using of course the plate listed above, my Twinkled-T XL Stainless Steel StamperTwinkled-T Vibin’ Stamping Polish, Twinkled-T Glow Up Stamping Polish, and my Glisten & Glow Top Coat. Now that we’ve covered the technical details, let’s get into the photos!

The first image on the plate is this bit of floral lace, it’s great for full or longer nails, mine are currently mid-length for me which is long for some so be aware of that while scoping out the photos. This could be used a ton of ways and is so gorgeous the color used underneath is “Beach House” from ILNP.

This is the second image on the plate, this is so pretty and could definitely be used to create a faux french nails look or even as a partial in a gorgeous floral lace love. Polish base color used is “November Dusk” from Bad Bitch Polish which is no longer available.

This is the third image on the plate it’s another floral one I think the majority of these seem to have a hint of floral to them. I wish the detail on this one picked up more on the flower but even in black it didn’t alas it is still beautiful. The polish used under this is “Lemonade Lust” from Painted Polish.

This is the fourth image on the plate, this can be used like the second image as well though I chose to use it simply as a base and not have it have an edge just like the last one. The base polish shown here is “The Best Is Yet To Come” from Different Dimension.

This is the fifth image on the plate more floral patterns going on here with a wide gap of lace goodness in the middle this is my favorite of all of them! The color used underneath is “Who Needs Luck?” from Vapid Lacquer.

This is the sixth image on the plate this one could be used for making faux french tip designs once again, or even for a bit of a stripe of lace if your nails are long enough for it to fit with space between the cuticle and tip. The base polish used on this one is “Silver Bullet” from Colors by Llarowe this may no longer be available as it was a Road to Polish Con special edition polish.

This is the seventh image on the plate, it is cute and whimsical and kind of gives the feel of some twisted lace going on. This is a definite favorite of all the patterns not the most favorite but pretty close. The base color used here was “2018” from Painted Polish.

This is the eighth image on the plate and it’s adorable, but not really ones of my favorites. I would like it more if it was symmetrical but it being asymmetrical throws me off and is just weird looking to me. But hey it’s lace and cute, the base polish used here is “Gamma Ray” from Starrily.

This is the ninth image on the plate, another floral beauty this one more flowers than lace, but they’re lacy flowers…get it? I made a fabulous pun anyways this one is super cute I love it! Polish used as a base is “Sweet & Serene” from Painted Polish.

This is the tenth image on the plate and is floral goodness filled with lots of lace webbing between this would be really cute to use some reverse stamping on it as well. The polish used underneath this is “Carnivals & Cotton Candy” from Painted Polish.

This is the eleventh image on the plate I’m not sure if I love it as much as some of the others, I feel it loses a little bit of the details when you put it on shorter nails…and mine aren’t even that short. The base color used underneath is “Persistence” from Vapid Lacquer.

This is the final image on the plate and boasts a ton of flowers made of intricate lace, I feel like this one will only really pop if your stamping polish and your base are super contrasting. The little details get lost if you use similar colors. The base polish for this one is “Orangeade Obsession” from Painted Polish.

The entire plate is full of gorgeous images and they are definitely for nail art of all kinds from sweet and sassy to a bit of sexy they fit all the molds.