Desert Sunset Stamping Polish Collection from Twinkled-T


The Desert Sun Stamping Polish Collection from Twinkled-T is their newest six polish set featuring some gorgeous metallic shimmery stamping polishes and some new sultry dusky stamping cremes. This collection is so gorgeous and contrasts so much with the previous releases you can tell that Liz and Lana are definitely trying to get as much variety in their stamping line as possible and they are doing amazing! I literally cannot wait to see what line they release nest, crossing my fingers for some stamping holos soon, because that would make me fall head over heels in love…as if I’m not already….but even more in love with their brand!

These polishes are all available now for $6 each or you can always snag the bundle of all 6 for $32 and you can snag an additional 10% off with my code SERIOUSLY. I definitely recommend snagging the bundles as I love their stamping polishes and they are definitely my go to brand for stamping. In addition to them being super affordable they’re coverage is amazing as both a base and for stamping. So if you see something that screams love, snag it up you won’t regret it!

The stamping image used below is from the License to Be Sexy! 01 plate Lina Nail Art Supplies, and of course I used my favorite stamper the XL Stainless Steel Stamper from Twinkled-T, as well as “Vibin’” for the black nails I stamped over, and “Glow Up” for the white. With all that technical information out of the way let’s get into the fun stuff…the swatches!

Each of the swatches shown is one coat of polish and one layer of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here!

Liquid Gold

“Liquid Gold” is a gorgeous literal liquidy gold shimmery stamping polish. This is gorgeous as a base and looks absolutely stunning over black.


“Dazed” is a gorgeous shimmery pink stamping polish, at first glance I totally thought this was a rose gold it really leans that shade and I love it!


“Coraline” is obviously a gorgeous coral stamping polish, I love the kind of play on the color here with the name, it’s so cute and so bright yet dusky. This is definitely a desert shade, it reminds me of the edge of the horizon during a sunset.


“Tickled” is an adorable almost baby pink stamping polish, it’s light pink but not quite pastel enough to be a pastel it’s like the perfect between shade. I feel like this would gradient so adorably with their other two pink colors!


“Ghosted” is gorgeous lighter gray stamping polish, this is one of two grays in this collection and they would make a dynamite gradient. I’m so obsessed with gradients lately but imagine a stamped gradient!


“Smokey” is a darker gray stamping polish, this one is so dark and dusky and sultry it is dynamite. I loved this so much over white, it’s just as great over black but something about mixing this with a white and black double stamped look is calling me.

Overall these polishes are gorgeous and amazeballs and I absolutely love their formula! I’ve loved their stamping polishes since they first released them and use them pretty much exclusively for my stamping needs, and I’m loving that they have so many new colors coming out so I cannot recommend them enough. If you see a color that draws your eyes then snag it up!