The Holo Hookup (October 2017)


The Holo Hookup is coming at you this month with another four gorgeous holos from the main three brands as well as their special guest. Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension, and Glisten & Glow have paired up with Blush Lacquer this month for a beautiful Ballroom Dance themed box of awesome! If you don’t know what the The Holo Hookup is then you can check out this blog post to get more information on The Holo Hookup in general, details on this months polishes, inspiration, and theme will be detailed below with each polish.

The theme this month was Ballroom Dance, and each of the polishes below was inspired by one of the photos in the following collage.

The October Holo Hookup will be on sale Thursday, September 21 9:00 PM EST through Thursday, September 28 9:00 PM EST. The cost of the box is $40 plus shipping, shipping cost is detailed below for both within the United States and overseas.

  • Shipping to the United States: $4 – so a total of $44 for the box and shipping.
  • Shipping to Canada: $15 – so a total of $55 for the box and shipping.
  • Shipping elsewhere: $23 – so a total of $63 for the box and shipping.

With all of that out of the way though let’s get into the gorgeousness that is holo and check out the swatches and nail art for this months box!

Each of the swatches shown below is two thin coats of polish and one top coat of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs that mimic natural sunlight. To watch the live swatch click here.

Paso Doble

“Paso Doble” is Cupcake Polishes contribution to this month’s theme based on the popular style of fast paced latin ballroom dance. This is a gorgeous red linear holographic with a ton of sparkling silver shimmer and tiny silver flakies throughout. This one goes on smoothly in just two coats and is so freaking gorgeous, the silver shimmer in it makes me want to pair it with silver stamping or maybe some silver chrome powder designs on it. It is just too gorgeous!


“Samba” is Different Dimension’s contribution to this month’s themes based on a Brazilian fast paced music and dance style that originated in Africa. This is a perfect plum linear holographic polish with added silver flakies and holographic microglitters. This goes on gorgeously in just two coats, it does have a little bit of a texture so I put two thin coats of top coat on to smooth that out. This is so gorgeous and definitely one of my new favorite holos!


“Rumba” is Glisten & Glow’s contribution to this month’s theme based on a quick paced rhythmic dance that originated in Cuba and has since become a popular musical trend all around the world. This is an eye catching medium turquoise linear holographic polish with tiny silver holographic microglitters, with subtle hints of blue shimmers. This goes on two easy coats and the shimmer in it is off the chains, I could definitely see the shimmer in the bottle, but on the nails it is so gorgeous. It definitely sets itself apart from any of Jill’s previous takes on shades like this.


“Cha-Cha-Cha!” is Blush Lacquer, the guest maker for this month’s, contribution to the ballroom dance theme. This is based on a quick paced dance with heavy salsa rhythms making it a fun and dashing dance. This is a bright and beautiful copper toned orange holographic with coppery/pink shimmers. This goes on super smoothly in two easy coats and is so bright and fun, I did a mani a couple weeks ago with gold I feel like this would have been so much more suited for. It is such a Fall color, perfect for the theme and the current season.

This entire box is so gorgeous, I definitely have some new current favorite holos from it, and so many ideas for these besides the ones done already. So if you’re in love with any of these be sure to hit the links above and get your The Holo Hookup box this month during it’s pre-order period.


Below is some nail art I did using this months colors, some of these have tutorials you can check out on my YouTube Channel, others sadly no tutorials on so definitely check those out and if you have a favorite that isn’t there leave a comment and it may be made into a tutorial.