My Very Own Polish by Fleur de Lis Polish

I have my own custom made polish from Fleur de Lis Polish today! This was a completely random and off the cuff purchase if you visit the site you see the maker, Alex Angel, has an option to buy your own custom polish. It’s $16 plus shipping, which some might consider steep for a single bottle of a shade that likely won’t ever be recreated if you end up falling in love with it, but I felt like it would be something fun and unique to do so I immediately purchased one and checked out. On checkout is when you give the details on the polish color, glitters, holo flakies, and anything else you want in it then she mocks up some stuff and  sends you swatches as she works on your color.

I have to say for one I did not expect anything to get done as soon as it did, literally the day after I placed the order Alex emailed me a swatch image of a beautiful polish, I did ask for some adjustment on it. I wanted it a bit deeper in color, but other than that loved it. We emailed back and forth a bit more and she sent me another swatch with what she had worked on and I loved the color in the swatch. The next day she mailed it out, this all happened at the beginning of the week, and I got it in four days despite some serious shipping issues due to the ice storms that hit us recently.

I just love this polish though and immediately swatched it and did some nail art that if you watched my Bliss Kiss Get Naked Challenge you got a bit of a sneak peek of it. I took the time though after to completely swatch it and make a video of my nail art.

You can watch the swatch by clicking here.

You can watch the nail art tutorial by clicking here.

Continue scrolling for the beautiful macros as well as swatches of this beautiful polish. Here is a beautiful macro shot of the polish up close showing the holo and the silver flakies throughout.

I love the silver flakies in the polish they really make it pop and make it different than anything else I have right now. The formula is also amazing and it goes on extremely smoothly with each layer there is no chunkiness or texture even if you use only one thin coat of top coat.

As you can see it is a beautiful color, and here is a bonus shot of the nail art I did with it, of course it had to involve some beautiful Fleur de Lis’, I loved this so much I wore it for two days.

I think this is an amazing thing to offer to people and it must take so much time and effort to perfect a polish to one persons specifications, the fact Alex is willing to do it for anyone is so wonderful and she is definitely dedicated to making sure you love your color. I definitely suggest you check out Fleur de Lis Polish‘s main site as well as the details for getting your own custom polish.