My Holo Holiday Favorites

It’s getting to be that time of year where Christmas Carols are in the air and everyone is slapping on every red, green, gold, or silver polish they own to get into the spirit of the holidays. In that spirit I’ve recently swatched my favorite Holiday Holo’s from I Love Nail Polish (ILNP).

The first of the polishes I swatched was Cherry Luxe, a polish I originally purchased earlier this year around Valentine’s Day. I had not gotten this before and immediately fell in love with how gorgeous it is, you can see in the pictures below how amazing it is on. This polish has a beautiful red base and then is just jam packed with red and gold glitter, as well as holographic micro-glitter. When the sun hits your nails they absolutely demolish anything in their path with their beauty.


The second polish was a close up toss between 1UP and Lucky One, I ended up going with Luck One purely because it’s the darker more fitting one with the holiday theme. They’re both gorgeous, but if you want to put trees on your nails or some boughs of holly, then this green is your way to go!


My last but certainly not least favorite holiday pick is actually a gold I got two years ago now, and am on my third bottle of as of today, Juliette. This is an amazing rose gold color that I use for anything I want a splash of Holographic gold in, or an amazing holographic gold base for.


I adore all of these colors and really all ILNP color in general, they have such ana amazing mix of chromes, multichromes, holographics, and linear holographics that there is always something amazing to choose from. With their newest Fall Collection as well they’ve incorporated in a lot of holographic neutrals as well and are really broadening their range, so if you’ve never taken the ILNP plunge I definitely recommend hitting up their website and buying some!