Colors by Llarowe Holiday 2016 Collection

The Colors by Llarowe Holiday 2016 Collection┬áconsist of eight amazing polishes and one bonus topper that was originally available for a limited time with the pre-orders. The topper went on sale after the pre-orders on it’s own with all proceeds going to food programs for the holidays. When I first got them as with the Glam Polish Gobblefunk Shimmer Collection I started swatching them then got sick for almost three weeks now with a bad virus. I’m just now getting over it so despite the holidays being over I’m still swatching the holiday collections. This one is one of my favorites of the season and the topper you can get in addition to the set is absolutely incredible.

Each of the swatches shown is two coats of polish and one top coat of Seche Vite unless otherwise noted, as some were lighter and needed a base color or more layers. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well, and one of my nails may look a bit off as I had a break and used a wrap kit to fix the break, I had filed it before doing these swatches, but the wrap doesn’t fully shrink down for a few hours and was still fresh at this time, so it seems bigger than normal. To watch the live swatch click here.


“Ornamental” is a gorgeous bright cherry red jelly with an amazing pink and gold shimmer quality to it. This covers in just two coats and is pictured in two coats, but if you do a third it does deepen the color just slightly. This red turned out to be much brighter than expected for me, under the natural sunlight bulbs it is very cherry rather than the deeper red I had seen some other bloggers post, and been seeing on Instagram. I still love the shade and it fits in so perfectly with the rest of the collection.

“Pine Boughs”

“Pine Boughs” is a beautiful evergreen base jelly with such a shimmering glow when complete. Shown is just to coats and top coat, but you could probably get by with only one on this shade, of the entire holiday season and the collections I purchased this green takes the cake in my books. Beating out all of the others for my favorite of the year by a long shot…and I’m not even a fan of greens.

“Caribbean Holiday”

“Caribbean Holiday” is a gorgeous deep blue jelly base with a kind of silver and holo shimmer to it, it looks amazing under every lighting, I wore it for a week while sick and even stamped silver snowflakes over it. It is definitely a shade that impresses. This is two coats, and if you put it on thick could have gotten by in just one, but would still recommend using the two thinner coats and a top coat.

“Toasty Fires”

“Toasty Fires” is deep burgundy jelly base with shifting sunset tones of pink to almost a golden orange shimmer in it. It definitely lives up the name it is reminiscent of and reminds you of warm snuggly toasty fires while wearing it. I don’t feel any of the images catch the shifting of colors as well as I would like them to, so I definitely recommend checking the video to see the shimmer and the flow between the sunset shift and the dancing fire light coloring. This covers well in two coats and one top coat.

“5 Rose Gold Rings”

“5 Rose Gold Rings” is a beautiful rose gold holographic, out of all of the polishes this one seems to pack the most holo so if that is something you’re craving then this fulfills that desire for you. It can go on in two coats and a top, but this is three coats and a top coat just to see if there was any significant difference, which there really isn’t. This is a much lighter shade in bright lights as you can see from the pictures, but appears more of a sunset gold in darker lighting.

“Twinkling Lights”

“Twinkling Lights” is a beautiful sky blue jelly base with amazing silver and holo glitter throughout, it truly does twinkle just like the name states. This is three coats and a top coat in two I could still see my nail line so I went in for that third coat just to make sure it really covered. This might go on best with a thin white base in the future, but I honestly did not want to take this one off. This is easily one of my top picks from the collection and I’m sure I will end up wearing it out in no time.

“Belle de Louvain”

“Belle de Louvain” is a deep purple jelly base with various gold and orange hued multi-chrome shimmers throughout. It can be layered on it’s own or over a layer of black, in the images I used three thing coats and a top coat, for this polish you might want a black base under it, I tested both and it looks good either way but does seem a bit thick in three coats even thin ones. What I love about this that is hard to capture in photos is the shifting nature of it when moving through any kind of light, the polish just has this wide array of pigments that come out and keep shifting endlessly.

“Wind Chill”

“Wind Chill” is a blue jelly base with a kind of almost imperceptible violet shimmer to it under the right light, this polish is extremely sheer, however in three coats I did get it to cover, in brighter lights however you could still see the tips of my nails. So if that drives you insane you may want to use a base of black or white underneath this color. I do love this color, but I think “Caribbean Holiday” truly wins in the battle of the blues in this collection, it’s a personal favorite for me.

“Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa Llarowe”

“Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa Llarowe” is the bonus topper that was originally given away with the pre-orders and now is being sold on the side, this topper is a very sheer blue jelly with blue, teal, green, and holo flakies within it. I think it looks best over black alone, but it is shown above over two coats of “Wind Chill”, then once coat of a black, “Licorice” from Essie. With “Wind Chill” it’s a very undramatic topper, but over contrasting colors such as the black it stands out more and looks better. I tried it over various colors, but didn’t snap pictures of them all. Over purple and red there is a significant difference than putting it over say “Caribbean Holiday” or “Wind Chill” the topper comes out better over contrasting shades, which is really no surprise.

Overall the entire collection just knocks the holiday season out of the park, I have no idea how they will top this next year but I’m guessing Leah Ann will roll out something just as amazing. This was my first time actually purchasing an entire collection from Colors by Llarowe, but I was not disappointed, I had figured I might actually not end up liking some of the colors as much as others, but they really lived up to and beyond my expectations. This set is still available on the website linked above for purchase while supplies last, including the special topper “ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa Llarowe”.