The Night Out Collection from Savannah Lacquer


The Night Out Collection from Savannah Lacquer is a gorgeous six piece shimmer collection that is so giving me some serious Gossip Girl vibes here especially with the tagline for the collection, “Be the bitch they love to hate.” When I got the release details on this I was seriously going YASSSSS! inside because these colors, the shimmer, the names, they all are just screaming my name. I only sooo wish there was one called, “I’m Chuck Bass.” it would have fit in so perfectly!. But enough gushing, you know if I blog it, I like it, so let’s get into the release details and swatches so you can love it too!

This collection will release on October 27th and the polishes will be available in the set of 6 as well as individually. Individual polishes will be $10 each or you can purchase the full collection for just $55! If you love shimmer as much as I do then you definitely know that is so worth it.

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one coat of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

7:00 p.m. Yes, That’s The Dress

“7:00 p.m. Yes, That’s The Dress” is a beautiful dusky gray with a colorful coppery shimmer throughout. This went on in three coats, two would be opaque on some people, but with my nail tips being so opaque I just needed a little bit more to make that not show off horribly. I’m not usually a huge fan of grays, but I kind of love this, the shimmer makes it different than a regular gray creme or holo. It’s definitely unique!

9:00 p.m. Gossip and Drinks

“9:00 p.m. Gossip and Drinks” is a gorgeous raspberry pink with a stunning smothering of golden shimmer throughout. This is a favorite in this collection for sure it is such a gorgeous shimmery pink and I cannot believe it was as bright as it did. I really expected it to be more muted from how it looked in the bottle but am so in love with it now.

11:00 p.m. VIP List

“11:00 p.m. VIP List” is a fantastic teal with a complimenting green shimmer that is so glowy and gorgeous. This is so gorgeous and the shimmer in it makes it really glow from the inside, I definitely love this and greens aren’t usually my color, but this one is sooo worth it!

1:00 a.m. Show Stopper

“1:00 a.m. Show Stopper” is a perfect red toned purple with coppery shimmer throughout. This is my second favorite of the collection, obviously because I’m in love with purple so this was sure to be one of my favorites. This one has such a beautiful shimmer that just reminds me of a turning sunset from the brightness of the day to the dark inky sky of the night.

3:00 a.m. Diner Diva

“3:00 a.m. Diner Diva” is a delicious dusty purple leaning more towards lavender with a pink shimmer throughout. This one goes on sheer and seems like it will take three coats, however it still only took two coats and was gorgeous. The pink shimmer definitely comes out and is so gorgeous.

5:00 a.m. Walk of Shame

“5:00 a.m. Walk of Shame” is a beautiful medium blue with pink shimmer throughout. This is sooooo different and pretty, the shimmer in it gives it this mesmerizing shifty look under certain lighting it almost looks like it has a hint of a purple glow from the way the base color and shimmer interact.

Overall the collection is gorgeous and just jam packed with shimmers, it’s really amazing how even some of the polishes with the same shimmer base ended up being so completely different than each other! The way the shimmers were blended with the perfect base colors was done so amazingly, definitely snag your set when they release on Friday and drown in all the gorgeous shimmer.