The Life Aquatic Collection by Pahlish

The Life Aquatic Collection from Pahlish came out a month or so ago now and I got it then and have used it in several manicures and some tutorials, but then never actually swatched the entire thing. Until not that is. This is a gorgeous set of six foiled flaky polishes that are to die for. I actually got them thinking they were just shimmers and hasn’t really seen a lot of the swatches or other blog posts for them, but actually fell in love when I realized they’re these gorgeous foiled flaky packed beauties in six stunning shades. This collection was inspired by The Life Aquatic studio sessions and absolutely lives up to the album and their names. Enough rambling as usual though and let’s get to the actual swatching of the things.

NOTE: The full collection is not in stock at this time only a few select shades are, so they will be linked below, however it has been posted in the Pahlish fan group on Facebook that the full collection will be re-stocked in the future.

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one top coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Space Oddity

“Space Oddity” is a very light violet that leans towards an iced blue/iced violet color in bright light or sunlight. This was one of the first colors I tried out when I got the collection and fell in love with it, it’s so bright and shimmery that it’s almost distracting on the nail. Just a note though it does appear darker in the bottle than when you put it on.

Lady Stardust

“Lady Stardust” is a gorgeous deep purple and one of my favorites of the entire collection, because duh I love purples. It’s so beautiful and has an almost silver shimmer to it as well in bright lights. It also gradients amazingly well with several of the other colors in the collection.

Team Zissou

“Team Zissou” is a gorgeous turquoise that is just as shimmery as the others, there is a hint of silver foil flakies in this one that I love. I’m not a big fan of turquoise or teal colors either but this one is gorgeous I used it in a gradient mani recently with several other colors and loved it.

Life On Mars

“Life On Mars” is a beautiful burnt orange with foil flakies and a hint of gold throughout. This goes on extremely well in one coat, but I put on two just to see if it deepened the color or changed it at all, spoiler alert it didn’t really so this is a beautiful one coater. This color also stamps really well, and definitely lives up to being called “Life on Mars”.

Rebel Rebel

“Rebel, Rebel” is an olive green foil flakie with a hint of gold within it. This looks almost lime green in the bottle, but when you put it on and it dries then you see how it becomes olive and beautiful. I’m not even a huge fan of greens, but I love this one and would actually wear it.


“Quicksand” is a beautiful baby doll pink foil flakie that has a silver shimmer to it, this is absolutely stunning and definitely one of my top three in this collection. It goes on extremely smooth as well this is one of the colors I worried was going to need three coats, but it didn’t. It’s a stunner just like the others in the collection.

Overall the entire collection is gorgeous and they are versatile wonderful for doing gradients or stamping. As stated above the collection in full is not available at this time however they do intend to re-stock it at the last update a week or so ago they were waiting on bottles. With Polish Con coming up this weekend though they will likely restock them sometime after that. The shades currently available in the shop though are listed and linked below: