Nine Zero Lacquer Valentines Trio 2017

The Valentine’s Trio from Nine Zero Lacquer this year is a beautiful three piece collection, featuring polished all themed around a few ways to spend the night on Valentine’s Day. This set has two holos with tons of microglitter and a beautiful creme with assorted shaped flakies throughout. All of the polishes are absolutely stunning and I love them already, they’re definite must haves and luckily of all them are currently still available.

Each of the swatches shown is two thinĀ coats of polish and one top coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

“A Night In”

“A Night In” is a beautiful pink vase packed with holographic microglitter, it looked very red initially when I got it out of the box, but once it warmed up and I was able to mix it up well it was much lighter and is a beautiful pure pink. This is a jelly base and I love jelly bases, but in addition to the holographic microglitter there also seems to b silver shifts throughout, this may be due to the type of microglitter used, or due to additional silver glitter. Either way it;s beautiful beyond belief.

“A Night Out”

“A Nigh Out” is a kind of sky blue base, also a jelly base, once again filled with holographic microglitter and it seems a hint of silver glitter throughout as well. This polish has a kind of shift under various kind of lights from blue to a purple hue throughout, I didn’t notice this color shift at first until I was reviewing the video of the live swatching and then during photographing the blog shots. It’s overall a gorgeous color I think I love “A Night In” more though.

“A Night With The Cats”

“A Night With The Cats” is a crelly base in white with different size and shape chunks of shredded glitter and what appears to be a mix of pink and holographic glitter. I’m not always a big fan of crelly bases, but I did love this one as well as the one that was in the Halloween Collection from Nine Zero. This is perfect for a dash of fun and the pink and purple shredded glitter bits are like icing on the cake in a pretty mix. This did take three coats, but if you put it on thicker it might go on well in two, I’m just not big on going in thick with my polish.

Overall the entire trio is beautiful I do have a favorite as with most collections, and it is “A Night In” – that might be because with my boyfriend and I at different universities across the country from one another that’s all I’m getting for Valentine’s Day, or not. It’s honestly because I love it the way the pink shifts and the glitter shines and shimmers throughout. The entire collection is a gorgeous trio though and definitely one to add to your collection.