In The Dark of The Night Collection from Night Owl Lacquer


The In The Dark of The Night Collection from Night Owl Lacquer is a mixed collection featuring six darker vampy cremes and three different toppers. I love these cremes they go on amazingly well and all of them were opaque for me in just two coats, but they fit the season and are just so dark and fitting for Fall and Halloween mani designs that I’m in love. Lindsay really knocked these out of the park and they stamp and watermarble, I have some examples of both included towards the bottom of this post!

The polishes will be available as a full set including the cremes and toppers, just the cremes, just the toppers, and individually. The pricing breakdown is as follows, I’m listing it out as there is more information on these than most other collections:

  • Full Collection – 6 Cremes & 3 Toppers: $58
  • Cremes Only: $38
  • Cremes Individually: $7
  • Toppers Individually (Excluding “Just Like Magic”): $7
  • Just Like Magic (Linear Holographic Topper): $9

These will all be available September 29th at 8:00 p.m. MDT from the site linked above, so set an alarm and snag up the ones you need for those gorgeous Fall and Halloween manis.

Each of the swatches shown is two coats of polish and one layer of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Cackle Much?!

“Cackle Much?!” is a gorgeous blackened purple creme that went on in two smooth easy coats, actually all of these went on in two coats. This is so dark my lighting kept washing the color, this happened with two of the polishes in this collection and it’s noted on both. But this is definitely still one of my faves of the collection.

Just Creepin’

“Just Creepin'” is a blackened blue creme this is the second one that went on well and I could see the color in, but the lighting of my photo set up ended up washing the color out and making it look almost black. This is gorgeous in person though and while dark and vampy still has a navy blue that is super noticeable.

Howl At The Moon

“Howl At The Moon” is a dark grey vampy creme that is soooo perfect for cemetery nails, bats, and even watermarbling with some of the other colors in this collection.

Don’t Lose Your Head

“Don’t Lose Your Head” is what I would describe as a “burnt” orange color it’s not too dark but not too bright. It is the perfect pumpkin creme for Fall and Halloween. I love this one and have already played around with both stamping and watermarbling it and it is SO GORGEOUS!

Dead Inside

“Dead Inside” is a blackened green creme this went on in two easy coats and has a kind o glow from within that comes out in brighter lighting it is gorgeous. I think this would be so perfect in a drag marble or a water marble with “Don’t Lose Your Head” the perfect pumpkiny mix.

Bite Me

“Bite Me” is a deep vampy red creme that almost goes on completely opaque in just one coat but I threw down two thing coats just to be sure. This is my second favorite of the entire collection I just love how seductive and dark the color is and it stamps such a beautiful bright color as well.

Just Like Magic

“Just Like Magic” is a linear holographic topper that turns any color into a gorgeous linear holo! This is jam packed with holo so you really don’t need to go heavy with it as it could overpower base colors or designs if you so more than one very thin coat. I only swatched this over black originally, but then decided to put it over all the colors in this collection and then black and white.

Potion Bubbles

“Potion Bubbles” is shifting iridescent glitter topper with glitters in various sizes and shapes throughout that react differently over various colors. I especially loved how it has blue/pink/purple tints over white and yet gold/green/orange tints over “Don’t Lose Your Head”, it’s truly versatile and so gorgeous!

Lookin’ Shifty

“Lookin’ Shifty” is a shifting shimmer topper that is gold/green/red and is very similar to the ever popular unicorn pee toppers in how it shifts and changes. This adapts to each color and is different over each color in unique ways, my favorites for it to top are “Bite Me” and “Don’t Lose Your Head” it lends such a gorgeous gold to green shift.

Here is a HUGE BONUS to these gorgeous colors, they stamp! I did one layer of stamping with the What’s Up Nails Autumn Tales stamping plate. This image had sharp edged and small defined lines making it the perfect one to demonstrate stamping with. As you can see all of these colors stamp brightly and beautifully.

Bonus #2…they also watermarble! I tested out various different color mixes on swatch stick, but as you can see “Don’t Lose Your Head” is a favorite, but they all watermarble beautifully. I absolutely love how many different color mixes can come from these six colors they are gorgeous.

Overall I love this collection I already have several nail art tutorials in mind for it and will probably add images and links to those as they go live to this post or on my Instagram so check those out as well. I definitely recommend these for gorgeous nail art they stamped easier than some stamping polishes I own as well.