Winter 2016 Collection (ILNP)

The 2016 Winter Collection from ILNP is an amazing six bottle collection of holos, honestly I’m a bit skeptical as to why they didn’t name it the “Holodays Collection” but lately ILNP has been sticking with the seasonal names (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall.) which is completely understandable. This collection came after Christmas so it’s being swatched late, because I was gone for a week when it showed up the day after literally, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Each of the swatches shown is three thin coats of polish and one top coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

“Stopping Traffic”¬†

“Stopping Traffic” is a deep red with an array of holographic sparkles within it, this is my favorite color of the collection, it has such a beautiful rainbow of color throughout it when hitting the light. The swatches shown are three layers of color and then one of top coat, the polish should go on fine in just two coats, but my nails are a bit darker than most peoples and usually stained from polish so it took the three.

“Fir Coat”

“Fir Coat” is a pine green with an array of holographic sparkles within as well as gold flakies, this color was a bit darker than I originally expected. Despite that I love the way it has a shimmering sparkle within the deep green color. This is full of holo flakies that give it a beautiful shimmer and depth.

“Looking Up”

“Looking Up” is a beautiful deep blue with silver flakies and holographic microglitter throughout. This blue is brighter than expected and goes on your nails lighter than it appears in the bottle, it has what I call “bottle deception” going on. Despite the differences on the nail versus in the bottle it is gorgeous the shimmering silver flakies really send it over the top. Before I could even swatch it my daughter already asked to use it and has me do a manicure on her with this and little holographic stars.

“Cabin Fever”

“Cabin Fever” is a caramel colored polish with tons of holographic glitter throughout. I nicknamed this the “Tigers Eye” polish because when I put drops of it on paper the swirling withing it reminded me of Tigers Eye gemstones. This is a rich color that goes on well in two coats, I did add a third here to see if it made much difference, it did not. This was definitely my second favorite color in this bunch.

“Varsity Jacket”

“Varsity Jacket” is a gray base with tons and tons of holographic microglitter throughout. In the bottle it looks darker than it does on the nail and almost looks similar to ILNP’s popular holographic black “Missed Calls”. I’m personally not a fan of gray polish at all, but I loved this mainly due to the shimmer throughout it.


“Victoria” is a color I have difficulty describing, it’s not gold, not silver, not rose gold, not bronze, or even a faded bronze, the closest I can describe it is a golden opal color. It is another one of the ultra holographics from this collection and is amazingly beautiful both on your nails and off.

Overall I loved this collection, while not every color is one I thought I would even like originally they all impressed once I was wearing them. “Stopping Traffic” is my favorite of the bunch though, I wore it for two weeks in December while sick and after with silver snowflakes stamped over it. Close other favorites are “Cabin Fever” and “Looking Up” two of the shades I honestly had not even expected to like because in the bottle they didn’t look like “my thing”, but I ended up falling for them. This collection is still available at and is truly worth it, the shades work wonderfully together and individually. I will definitely be using “Stopping Traffic” for some Valentine’s nail art in the future.