Summer 2017 Collection from ILNP

The Summer 2017 Collection from ILNP is a six polish collection of gorgeous holos in multiple finishes. I know it is almost Fall, so I’m super late to swatching these beauties, but guess what it’s never too late for holo! So I decided to swatch these, and maybe play around with them a little before delving into all the Fall colors coming out in the next month or so, including the new Fall Collection from ILNP that they’ve just started showing sneak peeks of on Instagram.

Each of the swatches shown below is two thin coats of polish and one top coat of HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs that mimic natural sunlight. To watch the live swatch click here.

Citrus Punch

“Citrus Punch” is a bright coral leaning orange holographic with a hint of gold shimmer to it. The consistency on this one is very similar to the scattered holographics that were part of the Summer Jellies Collection. This does take three coats to be completely opaque due to the sheer formula.

Beach House

“Beach House” is a gorgeous aquamarine ultra holographic with a hint of blue/green shimmer to it. The formula on this is sheer just like with “Citrus Punch” and also took me three coats to be completely opaque, this may have been because of my stained nail tips though so some people may be able to get away with two.

After Party

“After Party” is a blueish violet linear holographic, this definitely leans on the dark blue side for me. this is full of holographic microflakies and is absolutely gorgeous but a bit on the sheer side, I went in for three coats on this one as well because of my nail tip showing. It might be possible to get away with just two.


“Wanderlust” is a beautiful fuschia holographic. this has a hint of a pink shimmer to it as well given off from the pigment. This could have gone on in just two coats, I threw a third on to see if it deepened the color any, but it didn’t so polish away with just two.


“Daydreamer” is a bright pink ultra metallic with a hint of holographic sparkle to it. This only took two coats to be completely opaque mainly because the metallic glitter bits cover really well. Removal on this one though is a bit harsher on the nails due to the metallic bits and might require soaking a little longer when removing.

Birthday Suit

“Birthday Suit” is a gorgeous nude holographic with a hint of pink to it, this goes on in three coats to be completely opaque and would be perfect for a job interview or serious event where you want to just have a little hidden sparkle.

Overall this collection is gorgeous while a couple of shades are things I know I wouldn’t really wear on a normal occasion, the others are some I know I could see myself in frequently and I’ve even been wearing more than one of these shades a time or two since getting them!