Summer 2018 Ultra Holographics from ILNP

The Summer 2018 Ultra Holographic Collection from ILNP is a beautiful set of six new ultra holographics that fit in perfectly with the existing ultra holographics line. This collection released way earlier in the Summer and I picked it up then and used it for a couple tutorials, but then ended up sitting them off to the side. Well now that is over and I’ve picked them up and swatched them all and now have so many more ideas in my head. These all retail for $10 each and are available at the website linked above, so if you see something you like snag it up and start creating your own awesomeness!

Each of the swatches shown is three thin coats of polish and one layer of Get your Shine On! High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat from Vapid Lacquer unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here!

Kiss & Tell

“Kiss & Tell” is a beautiful bright flamingo pink ultra holographic that applies gorgeously in just two coats. This is one of my favorites out of the entire collection, not just because it is a pink but because it is so gorgeous and bright and beautiful. I own a lot of pinks but can safely say none are as delicate yet as in your face beautiful as this one.

Tidal Wave

“Tidal Wave” is a gorgeous cornflower blue ultra holographic that kind of reminds me of the edges of the night sky beginning. Not the inky darkness but when the sunset is ending and it is just beginning to turn to bluish black this is the kind of blue you begin to see then.

Pick Me Up

“Pick Me Up” is a deep orchid purple ultra holographic that was almost a one coater, it definitely needs two but the formula impresses. All of the ultra holographics have an amazing formula I can’t deny that one. This is actually the first of three polishes I used in a previous tutorial which is pictured below!

Sail Away

“Sail Away” is a terrific turquoise ultra holographic that is super reminiscent of photos I’ve seen of beautiful oceans around Greece. I’ve never been to Greece, but the photos have water this perfect turquoise shade that I’m reminded of so much by this polish it is stunning and definitely going to be a bright holo fave.


“Sundance” is a beautiful bubbling lime green ultra holographic, I keep wanting to refer to it as a lemon lime green because I just generally call all lime colored things lemon lime. This is super pretty though and actually is another color used in the nail art shown below, I’m digging it even for a green. 😉


“Sidekick” is a deep yet bright and charming purple ultra holographic this is definitely my top second favorite of the collection, this is so beautiful and I honestly wish I had this same color just a shade darker and a shade lighter because I think they would make the most amazing purple gradient!

Overall this collection is gorgeous I have loved having them and have worn them all alone as well as done some nail art with them and they have not disappointed!