Gobblefunk Shimmers Collection


The Gobblefunk Shimmers collection from Glam Polish is a gorgeous set of glitters in a jelly base, with amazing depth of color and shine in any light. I got these in November, swatched them, then got sick and never ended up posting my video or blog post. So better late than never! These are still available on the Glam Polish site at the links above, but they are limited edition so they may not be offered too long, so definitely snag them while you can.

Each of the swatches shown is two coats and one top coat of Seche Vite, on some of the colors two coats wasn’t truly needed they cover perfectly in one, but I did two of each just to keep it all uniform. All images were also shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well, including bottle shots, and polish pourn shots. To watch the live swatch click here.


“Splitzwiggled” is a beautiful color that has a deep reddish pink jelly based with a mix of an orange and gold shimmer and holo flakies in it. I can only really describe it as a sunset in a bottle, because the moment I saw it in the bottle I thought of a sunset on the beach, I started with this as it was my favorite color in bottle, and remains my favorite of the collection out.


“Time-Twiddler” is a pretty deep violet color with a gorgeous purple jelly base and a mix of silver and holo flakies in it. I thought this was a deep blue at first but under a brighter light you can definitely see the purple come out more, I tried fiddling with my camera settings a bit, but I feel like none of my images really gives this color it’s due as much as the other colors images do.


“Phiz-Whizzing” is a beautiful teal jelly with green and gold flakies, and some  holo flakies tossed in that remind you of a mermaids tail when you’re putting it on. In the bottle it looked like an almost pine green upon arrival, but once I actually tried it out I fell in love with it, and the mix of the teal, gold, and holo flakes just reminds you of the ocean, or mermaids. I’m definitely going to be using this with some mermaid scale vinyls soon.


“Gloriumptious” is an awe inspiring fuschia jelly base with pink, blue, and purple flakies and of course holo flakies throughout it. I honestly don’t own another color even close to this one at the moment, there are some near ones, but this is absolutely gorgeous. The mix of all of the flakies is mesmerizing in the sunlight, you’ll end up staring at your nails for ages if you get sucked in by this polish.

“Whoopsy Splunkers”

“Whoopsy Splunkers” is a deep blue jelly base packed with tons of these shifting glass flakies and holo flakies, at first it appeared to only have silver and blue flakies, but upon closer inspection I noticed all the magic in the bottle. This shade at a glance seems very similar to “Time-Twiddler” but on the nail, they actually look nothing alike, despite the similarities in the bottles. Of all the colors in this collection this one is my second favorite after “Splitzwiggled”.

There you have it, the shimmery and wonderful Gobblefunk Shimmers Collections from Glam Polish. As of posting the entire collection is still available on the Glam Polish site, but as originally stated this is a limited edition set and will likely not be replenished once sold out.