Bliss Kiss Get Naked Challenge

The Bliss Kiss Get Naked Challenge is a three day challenge presented to anyone who wants stronger, less brittle, more healthy nails and cuticles. Anyone can join in on this challenge and it is a fun way to get motivated to actually put on that nail oil you have lying around in pens or bottles! This is going to be very text heavy so if you don’t want to read it all feel free to check out the video by clicking here.

I’m not going to lie my right hand has gotten horrible due to the fact I’ve been letting it to shoot a video on my nail care routine, largely featuring Bliss Kiss¬†products, so now is the perfect time to work on rejuvenating the nails a little bit and getting ready for that. For this I’ve started by taking a picture of my right hand and the horribly damaged cuticles and nails on it shown below.

In this photo you can see the nails have white spots, they’re brittle, and have ridges, the cuticles are dry and messy. My hand has gone to hell, literally. I’m going to clean it up remove the crappy dry cuticles with my favorite cuticle remover and trim the nails gently to even them out, and not do much else to them. Except¬†follow the instructions given for the challenge, which can be found here, and consist of mainly doing the following:

  • Clear away all polish. (Done!)
  • Apply your Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil, at first it is going to seem oily and then it absorbs pretty quickly. I always notice for the first day of use after not using it for a while that it absorbs in about ten (10) minutes for me.
  • Continue applying the next hour or two, rubbing the oil into the nail.
  • Once absorbed, repeat and rub the oil in.
  • Continue the above steps for 72 hours.

Once this is done you go to doing the basic daily application which is usually two or more times a day depending on your body type and reaction to the oil. Some people may need to do it more times than others, depending on climate, their skin type, nail damage, etc. For me personally it’s a minimum of about five times a day and sometimes more when at work when I have to wash my hands and apply hand sanitizer a lot.

You also continue to use the nail oil before painting your nails, while they are painted, and after. Making sure to massage the oil into the cuticles and massaging the matrix of the nail to increase blood flow. Now lets look at my nails all cleaned off with the dry crusty cuticles removed and cleaned up, this was taken the day after the original picture and no nail oil has been used yet, only my favorite cuticle remover from Sally Hansen. You can see the nails are still ridged, dried out, the hite spot is horrible looking, the skin and cuticles are still dried out and cracking in some places. Below is a picture taken on:

January 21, 2017 – Day 1 of the Get Naked Challenge

Today I’m starting off by massaging the oil into my nail and cuticles pretty continually for a few hours this morning until it seems oily for longer than about twenty (20) minutes for me. Then I’ll be doing it once or twice an hour, for the rest of the day and evening. I will post an updated photo tomorrow with notes on changes in the nail and progress overall on the skin around the nails as well. At the end of the challenge a video will be made which will be linked above for anyone wishing to watch rather than read.

So let’s check in for an update this photo was taken on:

January 22, 2017 – Day 2 of the Get Naked Challenge

This was taken in the morning before work on Day 2 of the challenge, yesterday I rubbed the oil into my nails and cuticles for about 4 hours in the morning during my morning prep and the beginning of my shift at work. While at work throughout the day I washed my hands or used hand sanitizer more than thirty (30) times. (I’m a nurse, this is way normal!) And continued to apply the oil after washing and rub it in paying close attention to making sure it was rubbed into the cuticles well and the nail plate area was massaged.

You can see some of the roughness around the edges of the cuticle is gone and the skin is visibly smoother, it’s smooth to the touch as well. The ridging on the nail is diminished. The white spot on my index finger doesn’t seem to have done much in the way of diminishing, however I didn’t expect that to change in one day. I had a white spot on my other hand when I started using Bliss Kiss Simply Pure originally and it took it about a week to fade and then a few more days before it was gone completely. In addition to the visible changes the skin around the cuticles and the nails feel smooth and soft as well, and when tapping the edge of my nails against my desk they did not chip off and bust like they usually do. You can see all the nails have their squared off pointed edges as they should, if you don’t trust me check the video.

For today I will continue to use the oil rubbing it in until it has all been absorbed and paying special attention to the nail plate area and the cuticle as well as surrounding skin. It absorbs pretty well or was by the end of the night last night in about 30-45 minutes, so I’m foreseeing needing probably anywhere from ten (10) or more applications today as this is also another work day and a lot of handwashing will be going on again. I’m off to do that now and will post the update tomorrow morning with the results from Day 2.

Time for another update, this photo was taken on:

January 23, 2017 – Day 3 of the Get Naked Challenge

Okay for Day 2 I continued my cycle of rubbing the oil into my nails whenever it had absorbed and they had dried. This ended up being more than ten (10) times as I had thought it would be, it was around fifteen (15) to twenty (20) times or more possibly I stopped counting honestly.

For today I am going to continue the cycle however will be washing my hands less as I will not have work today like I did the first two days, I do have classes and will be on the go so I will be depending on my pen to not run out while busy today. This though just gives me an opportunity to show off how versatile the Simply Pure pens can be as I flit from here to there, Monday is always my busiest day of the week.

The above photo was taken in the morning on Day 3 when oiling up for the day the first time. I’ll just generally be continuing the usual oiling as stated above, being on the go I may have to oil a bit less today, but we’ll see how it turns out.

January 24, 2017 – Final Results

Voila! The results are in, and as you can see from these final results with my before and after picture the nails are longer even in just these brief three days, the cuticles and surrounding skin are smooth and healthier. The ridges on my nails are much less defined and when I run my hands over them I don’t end up feeling the bumping and cracking I did at the start. It’s difficult to see with the glare in the second picture that the white spot on my index nail is slowly fading away as well.

I’m going to continue my regimen and use for the next couple weeks and am planning on posting another blog post and video on nail rejuvenation detailing everything and adding to it my weekly gloving ritual, my Bliss Kiss Simply Pure oil, and lotion use, etc. This likely won’t be up for about eight (8) or more weeks, due to giving my nails time to grow out to the lengths matching my other nails, but keep your eyes out for it.


I intentionally chose to do this challenge during a weekend when I would be working and washing my hands a lot and abusing them pretty much. I know it would have been easier to do it during the week when I wasn’t pulling twelve (12) hour shifts for two of the days of the challenge, during which I was having to use drying sanitizers and soaps, and chemicals in cleaning wipes, etc. continually. But then come on, it’s easy to get good results if you manipulate the climate of them to be the best possible one for them. So I decided to set up the worst possible climate for my hands and put it to the test.

And the results are conclusively awesome. I intend to continue using this and documenting it for the next couple months as I grow my nails out on my right hand and continue to rejuvenate them. Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle Oil (Vanilla) has been one of my favorite products for a while now, this challenge just gave me a fun way to show off how truly awesome it is and the results if you use it right.