About Me

¬†Hello everyone! I’m Crystal, I’m 29 years old, a nurse, a Mom, and absolutely addicted to nail art, special effects make-up, and all kinds of creative stuff!

I’ve got an adorable daughter named Ana who helps inspire me to push myself and do better in everything. As well as two fur babies named Whiskers and Jay, and one puppers baby named Little Bit! I also have an amazingly supportive boyfriend of 6 years who supports and encourages me in everything I set out to do.

I love nail art and getting to be creative and have fun and it makes me feel awesomely pretty every time I do a new design and get to go out and show it to the jealous world, cause how can you not be jealous of awesome nails right? Especially when those nails contain freaking holo or glitter!

Makeup is something I’ve just stumbled into doing and love playing around with too, it’s amazing all the ways we can stain our skin trying to be fairies, or zombies, or vampires, you know those things. I was never really into it when I was teenager and beyond, but recently with all the beautiful things brands have come out with I’ve found myself painting my face as much as my nails. Either way whether I’m painting my nails or giving myself a¬†perfect winged liner I’m having fun!

If you want to know more you can post questions on any of my social media links found in the sidebar on the left or email me at

Whatever you do, have fun with it!