Seriously Rainbows Collection from DAM Nail Polish


The Seriously Rainbows Collection from DAM Nail Polish is a gorgeous six piece linear holographic rainbow collection! And if you guessed that I had a little hand in inspiring it then you’re right, because I did, I’m an instigator but this time it was for an excellent cause.

So this collection came about from a very random conversation between Angie and I. For ages if you’ve followed me on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, or you’re in the brand groups I’m in on Facebook then you have probably at one point or another seen me ask some of those makers if they’d ever do a linear holographic rainbow. I’ve asked around eight or nine of them for sure, and the answer has always been the same, generally along the lines of, “Well it’s interesting, but you can get those colors from other ones in this collection or that one and they’re holo.” Every. Single. Time.

Which isn’t a bad response at all, I mean it is a lot to ask for a maker to make a full collection especially when they feel like they already have those colors. The only problem is they may have them but they’re not always the same texture, finish, hue, tint, etc. to make them actually all go together smoothly. It’s pretty much impossible to make a rainbow of colors out of mixes that cooperate flawlessly unless they’re formulated to. Which is what I wanted all along the perfect rainbow. I had discussed this so many times with friends in the nail community, other bloggers, YouTubers, etc. and we all agreed some makers had come close, but none of them had a perfect linear holographic rainbow. We always all agreed people came close…but just not there. Until now.

I brought this up with Angie offhandedly one day pretty much, I’d been trying to do a tutorial on unicorn nails and most the colors had cooperated, but two of them had a shimmer to them that was ruining my mix. Angie and I were emailing back and forth about some of her Gemstone Collections and I brought it up kind of randomly asking if she would ever think of doing a rainbow collection. At the time she was totally honest and said maybe, but at the time she was battling morning sickness hardcore, because if you didn’t know already she is super pregnant! Well maybe not super pregnant, but she is pregnant currently and expecting a baby around Christmas time. So I had very little hope on that angle too, but hey at least I tried.

I forgot all about it for a couple of weeks and then Angie hit her Insta story with a sneak peek of what she was working on…and it…was…rainbows! I immediately messaged her and she revealed that she had been inspired by the conversation and the idea of rainbows had been nagging at her since then. She was so determined to make them merge together to be flawless so each color flowed together consistently that she kept working on them until she had the most flawless formula possible. I was so blown away when I got them it wasn’t even funny, I love them and they are absolutely perfect everything I could have wanted. All she could do now to make it better is well nothing. Or so I thought! When Angie sent me the collection she didn’t tell me the name right off, the colors had their names, BUT she hadn’t given me the full collection name until I asked. That was when the real ball dropped and she told me she had chosen to name the collection the Seriously Rainbows Collection.

I read the email where she revealed the name and my jaw dropped, I could not stop smiling, I was so happy and excited that this small idea had grown into this gorgeous collection from my favorite indie brand. Then to top it off she had used part of my name in it! I had never expected this to come from it at most I had thought maybe she’d make a yellow and orange and bundle them with her other colors, but she went so above and beyond and I’m so touched by it. Angie is the type that is so considerate and caring, and really listen to her fans and customers, and I’m so glad I found her brand and have gotten to know her the past year now.

Wow that’s a wall of text and a lot of mush, sorry for that guys, but it just had to all be said, I really wanted to share the back story and knew it would never fit in the video.

All of that said let’s cover the technical details, one being that this collection is sold out. Angie and I were posting sneak peeks of it and she opened it for a kind of pre-order and it sold out in under 48 hours. BUT it will be restocked, when it restocks the individual colors will be $11.50 a bottle, and the collection will be regularly priced at $69.00, if another pre-order runs though it may be offered at the pre-order price of $63.00 for the full collection. When that happens we will both post on social media and I will be personally replying to comments on the live swatch to let people know. Now that we’ve covered literally everything about this collection let’s get into the good stuff.

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one layer of Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat from Superchic Lacquer unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Really Red

“Really Red” is a red leaning bright pink linear holographic, this is so stunning and applies in two easy coats. This is definitely my second favorite of the collection, I’m betting you guys can guess which is the first fave. But I won’t be revealing that just yet.

Obviously Orange

“Obviously Orange” is of course the orange of the rainbow, duh! This is so stunning and the pumpkin vibes it is giving me are definitely going to inspire some of my Fall & Halloween manis!

Yep It’s Yellow

“Yep It’s Yellow” is the bright beautiful sunny yellow linear holographic in this rainbow. It goes on for me in two coats and doesn’t have the overwhelming green hue a lot of my yellows tend to have. I love it!

Gotta Be Green

“Gotta Be Green” is a grassy bright green linear holographic that also applies in just two coats, I thought this would go on and be very lime based. That was not the case at all, it is truly lovely and I’m not always a huge fan of green but it fits so well!

Believe Me It’s Blue

“Believe Me It’s Blue” is a gorgeous blue that reminds me of a sunny bright ocean. I looooove this color, still not the favorite so if you thought we were to it, buckle up we’re not the favorite is coming.

Positively Purple

“Positively Purple” is positively my favorite shade in the entire collection it is such a freaking perfect purple! This is too beautiful to pass up, I’ll be wearing it on my opposite hand a ton and probably using it in several upcoming manis!

Obviously I recommend this collection, even if it wasn’t the one of my dreams and were speaking just formula, wear, and color wise. This is a gorgeous collection, so if you see a still you like check out the live swatch and leave a comment on either my social media or any of DAM Nail Polishes social media pages and we’ll make sure to notify you when it re-stocks!

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