Deeva La Familia Group Customs from Don Deeva (July 2018)


The Deeva La Familia Group Customs for July from Don Deeva are two drastically different polishes, one is a creamy base with shimmer and flakies mixed in and another a holographic base with glitters and flakies kind of snuck in. Danette has definitely pulled some mixed up kind of magic out of her sleeves to come up with these and they are spittin’ fire. These are available only to the group members and will release on Friday July 13th with some out of the vault releases as well as some newer polishes, these will release for $12 each and do have a limit of 2 per customer for this release as all new polishes do through Don Deeva. So get ready and scroll down through those swatches to pick some hot faves!

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one layer of Get your Shine On! High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat from Vapid Lacquer unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Deep “C” Diving

“Deep “C” Diving” is a gorgeous seafoam colored base filled with holographic microglitter, small glitter bits, some gorgeous ultra chameleon chrome flakies, some beautiful shifting multi-chrome flakies, and a hot as hell sprinkling of mettallic flakies. All of this mixed together to create a little sparkle of magic!

Blow Me Like Bubblegum

“Blow Me Like Bubblegum” is a bubblegum pink jelly base with a shit ton of ultra chameleon chrome flakies throughout all of it with a shimmery sexy shifty smothering of of aurora pigment throughout. This one is shifty, glows, sparkles, and somehow shines all in one, shown above is three coats as this does apply a little thing being a jelly base, but it is gorgeous as hell and that pigment with the flakies is poppin’!

This are super gorgeous and some of the more unique polishes I have actually gotten the joy of swatching lately so definitely snag them up if you love them and they’re your scene! Remember you do have to be a member of the Don Deeva – Deeva La Familia Facebook Group to snag them as they are group customs, so head on over there and join in on some badass babes fun with some badass polishes as well!

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