Cocki Saki from Don Deeva


Cocki Saki from Don Deeva is Danette’s new release coming out today with some of her returned from the vault polishes. This is a very gorgeous and unique polish which has a previously released sister polish called Cocki Teriyaki, and much like that polish this one is a unique little pot of magic all it’s own. Cocki Saki is a juicy little apple red jelly that has complimentary purple and blue pigments gifting it a bit of a shiftiness to it that cannot be easily defined. It can be layered over a plethora of colors or worn alone in two to three easy coats depending on your nails. Mine of course as usual were stained so it took three to get full opacity, but it is still gorgeous as hell on them. I didn’t do swatches of it over black or white due to time constraints but other gorgeous bloggers did so you can check those out on the site under the listing linked above. This is available now and retails for $17 each there’s a limit of two per person during this release as with all new releases so if you want it snag it!

With all that out of the way though let’s get into some of the gorgeous photos of this shimmering bit of goodness!

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one layer of Get your Shine On! High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat from Vapid Lacquer unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Cocki Saki

Overall this polish is gorgeous and on swatch sticks over black and white it is shifty as hell so it is one I’d definitely recommend, I can definitely see myself wearing it to give myself a pick me up with a hint of hidden sparkle!

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