Random Thermal Swatchfest from Don Deeva

Time for another random swatchfest this time featuring a duo of thermals I snagged a while back from Don Deeva. This isn’t my first time trying out this brand I had previously swatched a polish from her during the Road to Polish Con series, but this is my first time getting to play around with some of her thermals which she is super known for as she has some amazeballs thermals! So I was pretty excited for that, these two are the only ones I have snagged currently and unfortunately they are out of stock however hopefully they get re-stocked in the near future. With that all noted though let’s get into the beautiful swatches!

Each of the swatches shown is three thinĀ coats of polish and one layer of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under OttliteĀ bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here!

Acid Crush

“Acid Crush” is a watermelon pink/red to clearish thermal that goes on smoothly in three coats and when it transitions is super freaking cute. Even on my stained nails it is so adorable and you can’t see much of the staining underneath on the almost clear side of the thermal. This pink is so pretty too and the sparkle from the holo as well as the little mystery flakies in it are poppin’!

Indecisive Swag

“Indecisive Swag” is a freaking awesome black to clear holographic thermal. This one goes on deceptively sheer, but mainly because it pretty much started warming as soon as I got it onto my nails. This also takes three coats, but does apply very smoothly and would be perfect for some disappearing Halloween manis going on! Little bit of spooky, little bit of surprise, I sense a lot of bit of awesome from this one come October.

Overall these thermals so do not disappoint I have a few others of hers I’m hoping to snag at some point but they’re so awesome they sell out so fast too! But from what I’ve seen Danette is awesome about re-stocking whenever possible especially the most popular ones. So if you love these then check out her site often and join the Facebook Fan Group she has to get heads up on new releases!

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