Spring 2018 from ILNP

The Spring 2018 Collection from ILNP is a gorgeous collection of six polishes consisting mainly of, of course, holographic galore! I’m obviously late to the party on getting these swatched especially as I’ve already used several of them for nail art tutorials that went up ages ago as well, but hey it’s better late than never isn’t it. These are all available now and retail for $10 each from the site linked above, you can also purchase the full collection with all of the shades, but there is no discount for purchasing the collection in a set like some sites have. I point this out because I have been asked about this on more than one occasion, but now you know, so let’s get into the swatches.

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one layer of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here!


“Nexus” is deep raspberry holographic with a hint of red and gold sparkle throughout it, this goes on in two easy coats and has tons and tons of sparkle in it. I did think it would take three coats at first glance, but honestly it dries darker than it applies and is perfectly opaque in only the two coats which I loved. This is such a beautiful contrast with how dark and mysterious it is in comparison to the rest of the bright and sunny nature of the collection.


“Celeste” is a lilac holographic, not a linear holographic, even though in the bottle it looks deceptively like one, but this one does have a lighter base making it less opaque when initially applied. I thought this would be a three coater for sure, but it actually went on really well in just two and has so much sparkle and shine going on throughout the holo in it is absolutely amazing!

Aerial View

“Aerial View” is a beautiful bright aquamarine linear holographic. This goes on completely opaque and gorgeous in just two coats for me, and is definitely one I’m loving. This one is so much my jam that I used it right away when I got it and if you scroll down you can see it in some sexy nail art at the bottom of this page.


“Chelsea” is a very sparkly pale rose gold holographic, initially I thought this was a metallic, because it has that appearance in the bottle, but when you put it on the holo really sparkles and pops. As much as it sparkles and pops though it isn’t a pure linear holographic it definitely has metallic bits throughout as well as some holo and what appears to be gold glitters. Not a huge fan of this one mainly because I feel the metallic finish overshadows the holo, but it is still very pretty.


“Avalon” is a green leaning somewhere between olive and deep green holographic. At first I thought this might be a linear holographic, but once again it is just a regular holo with a bit of a sheer base.  This one took three coats and was honestly the only one I felt I really just had to do three coats on because on the second coat even though it had great coverage I could still see some definitive nail tip showing through. This would be such a cute base for Spring mani’s or even Summery floral mani’s.

New Day

“New Day” is an ice blue mix of metallic and holographic that’ll remind you more of the cool end of Spring than the warmer it’s almost Summer end of Spring. This one goes on in three coats as well and while I like the base color I just cannot get on board with the amount of metallic in this one, it kind of washed out the holo and made it my least favorite of the set. It’s a beautiful color once again, it’s just not what I would call one of my colors if you know what I mean it’d have to really match an outfit for me to wear it more than a couple times.

Overall these are all gorgeous, but of course I am almost always super in love and impressed with what Barbra puts out. Her holos are especially amazing and her brand is easily one of the top brands I own the most of. In fact I’ll be posting swatches of her Summer 2018 Ultra Holographics in the near future if I don’t end up super swamped with work as well since they were too stunning to pass up! So if you see something you like add it to your life and enjoy the sparkle and shine!


I did a tutorial using a few of these polishes back when I got them because I loved them so much! You can find the full video on my YouTube channel linked in the sidebar.