Random Swatchfest of Starrily Nail Polish


Today I’m going to be swatching a random batch of shades from Starrily that consist of two linear holographics, two shifty magnetics, and a flakie topper. I’m not usually one for toppers to be honest but the one in this bunch definitely struck a chord for me not only for it’s name but also for the way it applies, you’ll see why if you keep reading! These are all gorgeous shades and are all available currently on the Starrily site linked above, I’ve also linked them individually below. Enough of the technical details though let’s get into the swatches, you know, the pretty part of everything!

Links to purchase:

Each of the swatches shown is two thinĀ coats of polish and one layer of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under OttliteĀ bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Blue Rose

“Blue Rose” is a gorgeous bright but deep blue linear holographic that has such a beautiful sparkle to it. It kind of glows on the nails, in the bottle this polish looks much darker than when applied it had me a bit worried as I’m not huge on dark dark blues, but when I put it on I was shocked and absolutely loved it! This also applies smoothly in one easy coat.

Black Magic

“Black Magic” is a deep dark inky black linear holographic, the base on this is seriously so dark it made my skin look paler which makes me absolutely love it! A lot of black holos come out very gray due to the pigment in them giving them the linear holo look this one does not in any way and is in fact so dark and deep it almost matches my soul (kidding…or am I?), this is another gorgeous one coat linear holo as well so it’s perfect to use in nail art too!


“Nova” is a magnetic polish that comes with the magnet to use it and is so amazingly shifty this polish shifts from reds to pinks to golds to greens creating an amazing effect on the nails. I admit I’ve bought lots of magnetics…but I’ve never used them in any nail art because the effect on them seemed so weak, but these are definitely poppin’. I love this one and it’s little sister that is coming up next in the swatch fun is even more gorgeous! I did swatch these magnetics over black, but they also go on in three coats on their own.


“Andromeda” is another magnetic that also comes with a magnet to use and is shifty as hell too, this one has a contrasting shift between blue to teal to green to purple and back it’s more of a cool toned magnetic. But when you put this on it looks like an instant galaxy on your nails. I once again swatched this over black because I personally liked how it looked better but this one also goes on alone smoothly in just three coats.


“Patronus” is a flakie topper with a blue to green to purple shift depending on what way you turn it in the light. Under the studio lighting I photograph with the blue and flecks of green were prominent, but under sunlight the purple comes out off and on. Although in low lighting or a regular room lighting you get generally the bright blue effect from it, this is a gorgeous topper. I am usually very eh on flaky toppers and flaky polishes because they’re always so thick that they clump and make the nail thick, but pleasantly surprised to find out this one was not! Not a single topper I’ve reviewed has been this thing and smooth, so I love that this one was in the live swatch you can even see I had to re-dip the brush because I expected it to be so thick and it turned out not to be.

Overall all of these are gorgeous polishes, I’m torn on picking a favorite though between “Blue Rose” and “Andromeda” because they’re both so gorgeous and of course “Andromeda” has that hint of cool purple in it and anyone who’s been around any of my socials knows that I’m a sucker for purple, but then again “Blue Rose” is such a perfect blue I can’t even with it. Snag up the ones you love and hopefully soon we’ll see a new collection from Starrily, fingers crossed!

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