Soft Neon Collection from Beyond The Nail


The Soft Neon Collection from Beyond The Nail is a four piece collection of pastel neons perfect for spicing up your Spring manis, these definitely give me a reason to dream of warm weather and persevere through the rain and flurries we’re still getting here. This collection will be releasing on March 25th and will retail for either $38 CAD for the entire set or $11 CAD per polish, that is $29.46 USD for the set or $8.53 USD per polish if you’re shopping from the US. That is a steal for 4 cremes no matter the denomination though especially these gorgeous ones, because guess what, they watermarble! I don’t have photos of that yet as I’ve only tested it on swatch sticks at this point, but it’s gorgeous!

These have the added punch of being able to glow under black light, but alas that is the one bit of photography equipment I have yet to acquire, so I’m not able to show that off at this time. But check out Beyond The Nail at Instagram (@beyondthenail) to hopefully see some photos of that effect from some other bloggers!

Let’s get into the photos though so you can check these out for yourself.

Each of the swatches shown is two thinĀ coats of polish and one layer of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under OttliteĀ bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Sizzling Sky

“Sizzling Sky” is a gorgeous bleached sky blue creme with a hint of fluorescent blue that gives it a dash of electricity and flair to it. This will definitely be a seasonal favorite as a background shade to Spring manis and designs it’s just too prefect not to be.

Blazing Blush

“Blazing Blush” is a beautiful delicate pink pastel creme with just a hint of that fiery neon pink attitude shining through. This is definitely one of my favorites and I think paired with that purple it is going to be a freaking dynamite combo.

Charged Lilac

“Charged Lilac” is a lovely pale purple shade with just the teeniest hint of ultraviolet underneath that gives it just that extra bit of pomp and circumstance. This is sooooo gorgeous alone and paired with the “Blazing Blush” shade it is definitely going to be another Spring favorite for me.

Electric Peach

“Electric Peach” is a peaches-and-cream peachy creme with a bright neon orange flair to it. This is not my usual color as oranges are definitely not my favorite, but it is still a pretty color and applies just as opaque and smooth as the others.

Overall these all apply really smooth it only took me two coats for each color but on my second coat with cremes I do always go in a bit heavier which you’ll see if you watch the live swatch posted above. So some may need to do three coats it all depends on your technique, I have done some nail art with these and plan to do more so if you haven’t already hit up both my Instagram and YouTube linked in the sidebar to see those when they go live!

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