Gemstone Collection Part 2 from DAM Nail Polish

The Gemstone Collection Part 2 from DAM Nail Polish is a gorgeous trio of three beautiful holo filled polishes perfect for the gemstones they represent. I meant to swatch these a long time ago and have actually been using the “pearl” for several months now in some gorgeous holo nail art because it is literally the whitest holo I’ve ever found, but never got around to swatching them. So now I’m gonna swatch all the things and catch up on the stuff I’ve been wanting to swatch. These retail for $33 for the full set or $11.50 individually, and are so totally awesome, Angie also does have free shipping going on so definitely check it out! Enough of all the technical rambling let’s get into the beauty of these holos!

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one coat of Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.


“Emerald” is a deep green linear holographic that is absolutely stunning and reminds me so much of a deep dark green forest and I love it. This goes on smoothly in two coats and has so much holo in it that you cannot take your eyes off of it, I’m not really that big into greens, but I can definitely see myself using this in a few nail art looks.


“Pearl” is a white linear holographic and this is honestly the whitest white holo that I own, and I own several of them. I tested them all out to find the most perfect white one for Christmas nail art last month, and this one is the clear winner! I absolutely love it, this goes on in three coats very smoothly and is a definite favorite of mine personally and has been selling out non-stop!


“Diamond” is a silver linear holographic with slightly larger holographic glitters throughout giving it an extra bit of pop and sparkle. This goes on in three easy coats, most people could probably get away with just two, but I needed a third to cover my noticeable nail line. This is a sparkly treat and definitely give silver holo a whole new level!

Overall these are all super gorgeous holos and I’ve loved all of them, I love all of my DAM polishes really never met one I didn’t like.  So if you’ve fallen in love with any of these or her others I’ve swatch then snag them up before they’re out of stock again and create some gorgeousness!

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