Summer Camp Daze Collection from Glisten & Glow

The Summer Camp Daze Collection from Glisten & Glow is a new five creme set of bright beautiful colors! These colors really capture the spirit of Summer Camp life andĀ almost all of them go on in one easy coat. If being beautiful one coat cremes isn’t enough though, they also watermarble and stamp too! These will be available June 18, at 9 PM EST and retail for $40 for the full collection, or $8.50 individually.

Each of the swatches shown is two thinĀ coats of polish and one top coat of HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Counselors & Crushes

“Counselors & Crushes” is a bright magenta creme, yes guys magenta is pink it’s a shade of it. This goes on in two easy coats and is one of my favorites in this collection, I cannot wait to mix this in with the purple shade and see what they can do together!

S’mores & Sing-Alongs

“S’mores & Sing-Alongs” is a beautiful iris purple creme this is my second favorite of the bunch and is absolutely stunning. This watermarbles amazingly well with “Counselors & Crushes”!

Talent Shows & Tie-Dye

“Talent Shows & Tie-Dye” is a gorgeous teal cream that leans on the greener side of teal and is absolutely stunning in just two coats. This is so beautiful mixed in with the cooler colors in this collection and creates interesting mixes with the warmer ones.

Campfires & Color Wars

“Campfires & Color Wars” is a gorgeous coral cream with a bit of a pink edge to it, it’s described as a strawberry coral creme on the site and definitely lives up to that colorful description.

Bunks & Bug Juice

“Bunks & Bug Juice” is a gorgeous deep blue creme, this has been compared to the original “Pacific Blue” – in comparison photos they look identical! So for anyone who was angry over that color reformulation, you finally have a true blue again!

Overall this is a bright beautiful collection absolutely perfect for Summer and to create plenty of fun happy designs to go along with your Summer activities. These are definitely a must have to add to your collection of cremes for nail art and everyday wear!


This is some watermarbling I did with “Counselors & Crushes” and “S’mores & Sing-alongs” then stamped over with gorgeous little black stars!

To watch a tutorial for this look click here.

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