The 5 Boroughs Collection by Glisten & Glow

The 5 Boroughs Collection by Glisten & Glow is a beautiful collection of linear holos each based on one of the boroughs of New York. This collection debuted at Polish Con in New York last month, and officially releases on the glisten & Glow website on May 5 at 9:00 PM. It is a gorgeous collection and I love the depth and the holographic shimmer throughout the collection, each of the colors has a fun name as usual and a spunky color to perfectly match the area it represents in the big city! I snagged this full collection at Polish Con and am definitely in love with them, I’ve already tested out several gradients and designs and can’t wait to do them on my nails.

Each of the swatches shown is two coats and one layer of HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Beatboxing in the Bronx

“Beatboxing in the Bronx” is a gorgeous olive green linear holographic with this beautiful holographic rainbow of colors┬áto it that I love. It goes on perfectly in two coats, but if you go in thick with one then it would probably go on well in just one, but I always go super thing to keep from having build up.

Manis in Manhattan

“Manis in Manhattan” is a gorgeous berry purpleishious linear holographic with these super tiny pinkish purple glitter bits within it, this went on same as the others in just two coats but is sooooo gorgeous this is easily my favorite of the entire collection.

Quickstep in Queens

“Quickstep in Queens” is a smokey charcoal grey that is absolutely beautiful this could have easily gone on in just one coat, but I went in fro two just to make sure I wasn’t missing any color depth. I definitely want to use this in some gradients it’s so beautiful and bright even though it’s a grey.

Brunch in Brooklyn

“Brunch in Brooklyn” is a beautiful pale pink linear holographic with this beautiful shine to it and a hint of a purple shimmer in some lighting. I originally thought this would take three or more coats, but as with the others it went on easily in just two, a completely happy surprise!

Selfies in Staten Island

“Selfies in Staten Island” is a nude linear holographic with a hint of sandy color to it that is absolutely gorgeous. This is the one color in the bunch I figured despite how great the others went on would take several coats due to how light it looked in the bottle, but it actually like all the others goes on in two easy coats.

Overall this entire collection is sooo gorgeous Jill really went above and beyond again with these and I love how easily her holo formula goes on without needing a ton of coats even on lighter colors. It was so great to get to snag this at Polish Con this past weekend and I’ve been playing with it the entire week doing different designs on swatches and my nails, it’s gorgeous and versatile as well. So definitely snag these from the links above, or just pick and choose colors, whatever sprinkles your donut, but they are gorgeous and I do recommend snagging the entire set!

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