Spring/Summer 2017 Collection from Colors by Llarowe

The Spring/Summer 2017 Collection from Colors by Llarowe is a gorgeous seven polish set with some amazing shimmer, holo, and multichrome going in it. These colors are freaking AMAZING and I’m absolutely in love with them already. Although I’m usually in love with Leah’s creations so that’s not a surprise. I snagged my collection at Polish Con but these will be available again on May 31, at 12:00 Noon MDT along with the polish of the month colors for this month.

Each of the swatches shown is two thinĀ coats of polish and one top coat of HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

The Deep End

“The Deep End” is a gorgeous multichrome that starts off a deep turquoise and shifts through various shades of blue to green and in some lighting even almost has a deep purple hint of shift to it. This is a gorgeous polish and was so hard to photograph, because I would hit it at just the right lighting in one shot to see one shift, then in another see another shift, it had me so torn on which photos to choose.

The Deep End (H)

“The Deep End (H)” is the holographic version of “The Deep End” so it has all of the same shifting color qualities with the added bonus of being packed with holographic microglitter.

You’re A Little Firecracker

“You’re A Little Firecracker” is a gorgeous red based multichrome holographic with a gorgeous bit of a pink shimmer to it. It’s so beautiful and jam packed with holographic microglitter that makes it doubly beautiful. This is my favorite of the collection I just absolutely love the stunning color.

Dream Big

“Cream Big” is a gorgeous creme based purple with an absolutely stunning freaking pink shimmer throughout it in most lighting. This was so fun to play with in different lights and despite looking like it might be a three coater, this did only take two like the others.

She Sells Sea Shells

“She Sells Sea Shells” is a gorgeous deep pink linear holographic, this is my second favorite of the collection which is amazing since the collection has a purple and anyone who has browsed here before knows I love purples!

The Bluest Eyes In Texas

“The Bluest Eyes In Texas” is a gorgeous light sky blue creme base with a hint of a shimmer through it, the pink shimmer almost looks bright blue or silver in some lighting and was difficult to capture in still photos. This one does take three coats to be completely opaque.


“Radioactive” is a bright neon green base with a gorgeous neon orange shimmer throughout it. This definitely looks radioactive and the bottle positively glows under any lighting. This took three coats and I still had some nail tip showing so it is definitely one that may need undies depending on your nails.

Overall the entire collection is absolutely gorgeous, I’m in love with the holographics especially and want to just do so many things with them. I snagged these at Polish Con and have loved swatching them and playing with them the past day or so!