My Road To Polish Con Picks

The Polish Convention is just around the corner and I am going! So for today I have my picks of the polishes I ordered from the Road to Polish Con. The Road to Polish Con was a new thing done where every week for I think about twelve or so weeks leading up to Polish Con the makers were assigned a week and made a custom polish for it. Then they could be purchased by anyone whether you were attending the event or not, usually two makers a week were featured and of all of these I chose to buy just seven of them. I had others I was interested in, but want to see at the convention first, and a few I missed in the early weeks as I had not joined the Polish Convention Facebook Group yet. So this is just those seven that I picked up and liked, after the con this weekend if I snag some more I might do another post with those.

If you missed out on any of these and are also going to miss the convention you can check in on the facebook group linked above and there is a mule post, where you can find someone willing to purchase and send the polishes to you. They can even do it right from the convention as a shipping station will be provided there as well. Note: Not all of these will be at the con, it is up to the individual makers if they had stock left, or over pour, and they decided that individually.

Now that all that technical information is out of the way, let’s get into seeing all of the pretties. The polishes will be shown and then the makers shops linked underneath each, this is being done a bit differently than my usual swatch posts because it includes a plethora of polish and makers rather than one brand and collection.

Each of the swatches shown has the number of coats of polish required listed and one layer of top coat of HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten & Glow unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

Where Brooklyn At?

“Where Brooklyn At?” by Glisten & Glow is a gorgeous pink linear holographic with a beautiful hint of blue shimmer to it. This is stunning it goes on perfectly opaque in just two coats and I did not want to take it off, in fact I’ve worn it five or six times since getting it.

Hello Brooklyn

“Hello Brooklyn” by Cupcake Polish is a black linear holographic with a hint of a pinkish purple shimmer to it. This one is a shocker in that it went on completely opaque in just one coat, I had not tied this until now except on swatch sticks, but I love it and it’s a true black rather than a dark grey.

Big Apple Of My Eye

“Big Apple Of My Eye” by KB Shimmer is a beautiful bright very bright cherry red with a lovely dash of silver holographic microglitter mixed into it. This is much brighter on the nail than in the bottle and goes on opaque in just two coats, even though at first glance it looks like it will take three.

VIP? Not Me!

“VIP? Not Me!” by Nine Zero Lacquer is a beautiful iced lavender color with holographic microglitter and an almost silver shimmer to it. This one packed another pleasant surprise, it went on completely opaque in just one coat, I tried out two on a swatch stick to see if there was a change in color depth, but it was the same.

A Part of the Big Apple

“A Part of the Big Apple” by Colors by Llarowe is a deeper red more maron color with tons of red shimmer and microglitter and a hint of silver in it. This goes on smoothly in one coat and is almost entirely opaque but will look lighter than in the bottle. If you want it to match the bottle it does take two coats, and the images above are of two coats.

Party at Prospect Park

“Party at Prospect Park” by Fleur de Lis Polish is a beautiful light purple with silver microglitter, holographic microglitter, bigger holographic glitter bits, and even gold flaky glitter bits. This one is a true sparkler. This goes on completely opaque in two coats, but does need a top coat to be completely smooth in texture.

Wish You Were Beer

“Wish You Were Beer” by Pretty Serious Cosmetics is a shining gold glitter filled with holographic glitter as well. This is a shining bit of gold with the rainbow bursting through it. This goes on opaque in two coats. This color will be vended at the convention through the Ever After booth I believe, as unfortunately Pretty Serious had to drop out of coming.

Lots of drag marble pourn for everyone there, these are gorgeous as stated I loved them right away and snagged them due to that. While I may pick up more at the convention these are definitely the ones I’m the most in love with and just had to have. For more information on how you can possibly get your hands on these besides swap groups scroll back to the top.