Wizarding World Bespoke Batch by Pahlish

The Wizarding World Bespoke Batch from Pahlish is a set of three polishes based on spells, places, and people of the wizarding world. This trio originally came out around Black Friday of last year and at the time I was unable to purchase it, and recently was going to let it pass by. Then decided to go for it and buy them anyways when I was ordering another new set they had released. These are gorgeous and honestly I love anything Harry Potter so not falling in love with Harry Potter themed polishes would have been impossible.

Each of the swatches shown is two thin coats of polish and one top coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under natural sunlight bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here.

“Wingardium Leviosa”

“Wingardium Leviosa” is a beautiful sky blue base filled with holographic microglitter with this gorgeous shift that is almost silver but has an almost lavender shift to it. The entire set has so many amazing color shifts that I’m pretty sure I saw the rainbow in all of them. This went on very well in one coat I only did two to make sure the nail tip was covered.

“Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes”

“Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes” is a burnt kind of pink orange base packed with the holographic microglitter that has a slightly purple shift throughout when in the light. This color is so beautiful and it went on very well in just the one coat as well, and I think is so whimsical it definitely lives up to the nature of the Weasley twins and their shenanigans.


“Lestrange” is a deep purple base filled with holographic microglitter and has a definite dark blue shift throughout it with almost a hint of silver. This is my favorites, because of course it’s purple. If you’ve watched my swatch videos you know that three things will hook me, purple, holo, or glitter, so pretty much purple and shiny gets me.

Overall this little trio is beautiful and I love them, they go on extremely well in one coat as well, I didn’t really¬†need two coats on these, but went with two coats just in case. Because I hate the tip of my nail showing through polish in bright lights so even if something is a one coat, I often add a second in case. These may not all be available at this time on the Pahlish site, because I know they have been selling them like crazy, but I have linked the general shop and the Wizarding World Collections pages above.