Holo Trinity Trio from Twinkled-T


The Holo Trinity Trio from Twinkled-T is a holographic trio of glamorous toppers featuring the most gorgeous shifty rainbow goodness you’ve ever seen! These are available now in very limited quantities and luckily Twinkled-T is also having their annual Black Friday sale and you can save 25% off all Twinkled-T items with the code: BLACKFRIDAY18

So if you love holographic topper goodness go snag them up!

Each of the swatches shown is one coat of the topper listed over one coat of “Midnight Mischief” from Painted Polish, and one layer of Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat from Superchic Lacquer unless otherwise noted. All images are shown under Ottlite bulbs as well. To watch the live swatch click here!

Holo Hail

“Holo Hail” is a microglitter holographic topper. This one goes on easily and can build up quick if you go over it too many times with your brush so if you’re going for a lighter effect I suggest wipig a bit of the polish off the brush before using.

Holo Lightning

“Holo Lightning” is my favorite of the toppers trio, this is a holographic flakie topper. I love the effects it gives off and have often used loose flakies to create it, all while making a huge mess on my hands and work space. So having it in an easy to apply topper is gorgeous!

Holo Storm

“Holo Storm” is a wonderfully wild mix of holographic microglitters and holographic flakies, all coming together to create the perfect storm. I like this one a lot but it still doesn’t beat out “Holo Lightning” for the place of my favorite!

These are all gorgeous toppers and make getting some of the hardest scattered holo effects super eay, so check out the live swatches and snag some favorites today!